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Delivery Rates

Same Day, Next Day & No Order Minimum.
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Delivery Rates

There is no order minimum for any zones. You can find out what zone you are in by entering your postal code in the button at the bottom of your screen.

Zone 1:

  • Delivers Same Day on Orders in Before 9am. Next Day Delivery on Orders in after 9am
  • $1-$99.99 - $14.99 Delivery
  • $100+ - Free Delivery

Zone 2:

  • Delivers Same Day on Orders in Before 9am. Next Day Delivery on Orders in after 9am
  • $1-$114.99 - $14.99 Delivery
  • $115.00+ - Free Delivery

Zone 3:

  • 1-4 Day Delivery
  • $1-$124.99 - $22.99 Delivery
  • $125+ - Free Delivery
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Delivery Days + Times

Delivery is between 12-7pm Monday-Friday. You will also receive a tracking link on delivery day to follow your order's status.

Orders placed in Zones 1+2 are delivered the next business day, or same day if ordered before 9am. Orders in Zone 3 are delivered within 1-4 days. Please note that we do not deliver on weekends unless requested by you.

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Track Your Order

While you can rest easy knowing your order will arrive between 12pm-7pm (Mon-Fri), you won't have to worry about waiting around for 7 hours.

Once orders are out for delivery you will receive a notification on your phone with live tracking of your order's status.

You do not have to be home to receive your order, but it is strongly recommended.

Please Note: Delivery drivers have other orders in their truck. You will notice them making stops on their way to you.

Why Buy Fruit & Veg Online?

Buying groceries online still seems a bit weird for a lot of people, but so did buying shoes online 5 years ago. We can't speak for other online grocery stores, but at Fruter & Muddy Crops we strongly believe it is the best way to get the freshest fruit and vegetables possible.

When fruit and veg is handled and transported less the result is better quality. It also means the cold chain is broken less. This is why when we pack your order it is picked up and delivered that same day. No holding or storage facilities in between.

Sizing and grading is also very important for us. We show you exactly what the produce looks like in our photos. If you have a meal plan that calls for tiny potatoes and our photo is of tiny potatoes you bet your butt you are getting tiny potatoes.

The Fruter Way

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1. Source

We source premium fruit and vegetables directly from farms. Local fruit/veg is delivered within 1-2 days of being picked, and imported fruit/veg is delivered within 3-4 days of being picked.

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2. Add to Wesbite

Once our the fruit and vegetables arrive at our storing facility we add them to our website. This ensures we only make available what we know we have.

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3. Out for Delivery

We carefully pack your order and our trusted third party courier partner picks it up. Once your order is picked up you will receive a notification to begin tracking your order's status.

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4. Delivered!

Your order arrives and the fun begins. If you have any issues with your order do not hesitate to contact us.