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Plum Mango; "Marian Plum"

Quantity: 500g Plum Mango/Marian Plum Clamshell (Approx. 10-12 pcs)
Origin: Vietnam
Seasonality: Periodically in the Winter
Air Flown x Tree Ripened

The Plum Mango (or Marian Plum) is a member of the Anacardiaceae family. What family is that? It is more commonly known as the Cashew Family. What most people don't know is that mango is also a member of that family. It's a bit of a trip when you really think about it. 

Even though the Plum Mango is in the same family as mango, we believe it is much more like a plum. While the skin is thicker than most plums and produces a satisfying crunch when chomped into, it is 100% edible and meant to be eaten. The flesh is also much more similar to a plum, rather than a mango. But the flavour is all mango. 

Preparation Ideas: Eat it like a plum instead of like a mango. The skin is edible, so just give it a quick rinse and dig in.

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Tree Ripe & Air Flown

Tree/Vine Ripened & Air Flown means this fruit reached optimal time on the tree and/or vine before being flown over, rather than shipped on a boat. Our fruit arrives within 3-4 days of being picked, as opposed to 14-21 days by boat. 

Tree Ripe & Air Flown