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Pineapple x2

Quantity: x2 Premium Air Pineapples (6-7lb total)
Origin: Ecuador
Seasonality: Late Summer-Mid Winter
Tree Ripened x Air Flown

It's not every day that you can smell a pineapple from across the room - before it's been cut open. It's also not every day that you need a bodysuit sized bib to eat a pineapple. The flavour and juice that pours from this tropical beast is absolutely criminal. I know we like to preach about sharing, but unless you're trying to brag I would keep these naughty girls to yourself.

Preparation Ideas: There is a reason why pineapple is often sold pre-cut: it looks harder than it is to prep for eating. If you don't own a Pineapple Corer then we recommend cutting the top and bottoms of the pineapple off first; then all of the skin. Once you are left with the naked pineapple you can cut it into 4 pieces by making two cuts from the top of the pineapple. Then simply cut the core off the 4 pieces and slice the pineapple into whatever size you prefer for eating. If you're interested in cooking with pineapple then you will be glad to know there are no shortage of ideas. Some of our favourites are: brown sugar and maple glazed pineapple sliced "ham"; BBQed slices on a burger; or pineapple and avocado salsa

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Tree Ripe & Air Flown

Tree/Vine Ripened & Air Flown means this fruit reached optimal time on the tree and/or vine before being flown over, rather than shipped on a boat. Our fruit arrives within 3-4 days of being picked, as opposed to 14-21 days by boat. 

Tree Ripe & Air Flown